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The Drop of Life - Open Day at the Domžale-Kamnik Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

On the first Saturday in September, an Open Day entitled A Drop for Life, an event that received a great deal of attention, took place at the Domžale-Kamnik Central Wastewater Treatment Plant (CČN). The event included a presentation of the operation of the existing wastewater treatment plant and of the plans for its future, more precisely of the upgrade of the CČN which will include the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater.

Despite the rain, around 700 visitors gathered who, after enjoying part an interesting cultural programme, were taken on a tour of the CČN processes where they were familiarised with the background and future plans of the plant. Visitors were also acquainted with the costs which each municipality resident will need to pay for the purposes of wastewater treatment after the upgrade is finished. The tour concluded with information on the beginning of the plant upgrade project. The event was also attended by Mr Boštjan Petelinc, PhD, Acting Director of the Water and Investments Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Mr France Jerič, Mayor of the Municipality of Mengeš, and Mrs Andreja Pogačnik Jarc, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Domžale.

In the accompanying programme hosted by Boštjan Romih the following participated: the Godba Domžale brass orchestra, the Cascara percussion ensemble, zitherist Tomaž Plahutnik and soprano singer Meta Matzele, as well as Peter and Andraž Vode. The event was accompanied by a painting exhibition on the topic of water organised by the cultural association Kulturno društvo Senožeti Radomlje and the paraplegic artists' association Zveza društva paraplegikov, among the latter also artists who paint with their mouth.

In addition, a number of paintings and drawings on the topic of water created by  students of the Dragomelj and Stanje elementary schools were exhibited at the site of the event; the Elementary School of Marija Vera Kamnik presented their project entitled Waters connect – water for a clean environment; and at and along the entrance to the event visitors were surrounded by the artistic photographs of Klemen Razinger. Visitors to the event expressed a great interest in the tour of the processes, complimented the hard-working and enthusiastic team and wished the wastewater treatment plant a successful continuation of its set business path which includes above all the provision of a high-quality wastewater treatment service at an affordable price.

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