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BOR Home for the Elderly, Črni vrh (2019/2020) - measurements, analyses and measures to ensure proper operation of a small wastewater treatment plant (SWWTP)

BOR Home for the Elderly at Črni Vrh with 139 residents and 40 employees has been using a small wastewater treatment plant with the capacity of 350 PE since 2003. The cleaned wastewater from the treatment plant is discharged into a sinking river. Measurements required for the operation monitoring of wastewater have been conducted twice a year. At the end of 2019, a new SWWTP with the capacity of 900 PE (financed by the municipality) should have been built at the same location; unfortunately, the plan was not carried out. Since the existing SWWTP did not operate properly, the plant manager was issued a decision by the competent inspectorate instructing them to remedy the situation. When the manufacturer of SWWTP did not respond to the appeals from the representatives of the Home, they seeked professional help from us at the Domžale-Kamnik CČN because we possess all the necessary knowledge and know exactly how to manage complex processes of wastewater treatment. Following an inspection, we carried out all the necessary analyses and defined measures to achieve a smooth operation of the SWWTP; and the operation of the SWWPT is now indeed flawless.

SWWTP location and samples after rehabilitation:

SWWTP location
Inappropriate outlet on the canal prior to rehabilitation
Samples after rehabilitation

A thank you letter by Alenka Gantar, Manager of BOR Home for the Elderly at Črni vrh, sent on 17th September 2020:

We would like to thank the Domžale-Kamnik CČN for their expert help in ensuring the proper operation of our wastewater plant. I would like to extend our special thanks to Marjetka Levstek, PhD for her highly professional engagement, accuracy, and follow-up, as well as for her invaluable advice.

ELES, d.o.o. (2018) – a seminar on small wastewater treatment plants (MKČN)
SORA Development Agency (2011, 2013) - a seminar on small wastewater treatment plants (MKČN)
Municipality of Postojna (2012) - a consultation for residents on small wastewater treatment plants
JP Komunala Črnomelj (2012) – assessment of the operation of the small wastewater treatment plant at Griblje with suggestions for improvement
Municipality of Radeče (2011) - project documentation review for Radeče wastewater treatment plant ; development of a mathematical model
Lek Mengeš (2009, 2010) - wastewater treatment plant operation analysis for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment and operation simulation
OKP Rogaška Slatina (2007) – professional consulting on the Rogaška Slatina wastewater treatment plant operation with assessment and suggestions for improvement
SEGIS d.o.o. (2005, 2006) – laboratory pilot testing on effectivness of Kuraray PVA-gel carrier

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