• Waste water treatment

    If you take care for our microbial friends,
    they will take care for your future.

    David Peternon

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The Domžale-Kamnik CČN capacity:
149.000 PE as per BOD5

Hydraulic load  
Dry weather flow 25.000 m3/day
Rainy weather flow 52,000 m3/day
Detention time approx 27 h


CČN load  
Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) 8,940 kg BOD5/day
Chemical oxygen demand (COD) 17.880 kg KPK/dan
Total nitrogen (TN) 1,640 kg TN/day


Permitted limit values at the outflow
Parameter Expressed as Unit Limit value
BPK5 O2 mg/L 20
COD O2 mg/L 100
Ammonium nitrogen N mg/L 10*
Suspended solids - mg/L 35
*valid for temperatures above 12°C


Mechanical treatment  
Annual amount of waste 800 t


Entry pumping station  
Coarse rake screens Screen spacing 20 mm
Screw pumps 4 x 170 L/s
Fine rake screens Screen spacing 3 mm


Aerated grease and sand trap  
Volume 500 m3


Primary clarifier  
Volume 2000 m3


Biological treatment: Aeration basins  
Aeration basin volume 28.000 m3
Number of basins 4
Capacity of a turbo blower 6.500 Nm3/h
Number of turbo blowers built in 3


Return sludge pumping station  
Return sludge pumps 25 L/s


Sludge treatment:

Number of digesters 4
Total volume of digesters 7.200 m3
Detention time more than 25 days


Mechanical sludge dewatering  
Amount of sludge for thickening 250 m3/day
Centrifuge capacity 60 m3/h
Number of centrifuges 1
Number of centrifuge operating hours 1500 h/year
Dry matter content in the final product 32%


Gasholder volume 700 m3
Amount of biogase produced 2.700 Nm3/day
Biogas calorific value 21.600 kJ/Nm3
Methane content in biogas 60 – 64%
Carbon dioxide content 35 – 39%
Other gases content 1%
Gas flare capacity 200 Nm3/h