• Waste water treatment

    If you take care for our microbial friends,
    they will take care for your future.

    David Peternon

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The plant's computer control unit is set so as to provide a continuous supervision over the operation of the treatment plant and is also responsible for data storage and data processing. In other words, it is used to control the overall operation of the CČN plant with in-line and on-line analysers installed in all of its key areas, and includes daily, monthly and yearly reporting.


Measuring instruments are used to monitor and control the quality of the treated water but also the operation of technological lines, and provide support in technological processes. In other words, this means continuous control on the access point of the wastewater to be treated and the outflow point of the already treated wastewater, as well as a connection with the steering systems via on-line and in-line measuring instruments, and continuous laboratory analyses support.