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ELES, d.o.o. (2018) – a seminar on small wastewater treatment plants (MKČN)

There are several possible wastewater treatment processes, so to all users of small wastewater treatment plants the expertise and experience from this field are more than welcome. We are glad that particular practical cases were dealt with at the seminar held by the Domžale-Kamnik CČN and that we were able to exchange views on and experiences from this field. We would recommend this seminar to anyone who is not sure which wastewater treatment technology to choose or anyone who requires additional information on the use of the plant in order for its operation and maintenance to run as expected.

SORA Development Agency (2011, 2013) - a seminar on small wastewater treatment plants (MKČN)


In the Škofja Loka region, we have been devoting a lot of time and effort to environmental protection in recent years, planning and carrying out projects with the aim to reduce water pollution and preserve the environment. A few projects were carried out to inform the households in the areas where no public sewerage system will be built on the legal requirements regarding wastewater treatment and to encourage them to build small wastewater treatment plants. We took a seminar at the CČN and we appreciate their efforts to educate us on how to deal with small wastewater treatment plants and explain to us why these are so important to us and to nature. We would recommend the CČN to anyone who needs detailed information on such projects.

Municipality of Postojna (2012) - a consultation for residents on small wastewater treatment plants



Today it is clear that we have to focus on public sewerage systems and small wastewater treatment plants if we want to preserve the environment. Our residents are not familiar with all the necessary details or do not have enough relevant information on these topics. The expert team from the CČN conveyed to us the fundamental knowledge on importance of sewerage infrastructure, as well as on the standards that must be provided to protect the environment. We recommend the consulting services of the CČN team to all municipality decision-makers managing investments in sewerage infrastructure and small waste water plants.

JP Komunala Črnomelj (2012) – assessment of the operation of the small wastewater treatment plant at Griblje with suggestions for improvement


We are very glad that we have contacted the CČN to help us solve the operation issues at the Griblje ČN that neither the manufacturer nor the building designer could or would not solve. As a result, our wastewater treatment plant did not provide adequate treatment results for a long time. It was the systematic and professional approach of the CČN team that finally steered us in the right direction and together we managed to solve all our problems. We are grateful for their cooperation and professionalism.

Municipality of Radeče (2011) - project documentation review for Radeče wastewater treatment plant ; development of a mathematical model


Preparing the project documentation for the Radeče CČN, we faced some issues and asked the expert team at the Domžale-Kamnik CČN for their help. We received all their professional support so we could make informed decisions and find the best solution for our project.

Lek Mengeš (2009, 2010) - wastewater treatment plant operation analysis for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment and operation simulation



The CČN performed a simulation of a biological wastewater treatment plant for us using a mathematical model. This enabled us to predict the plant operation in different conditions saving us a lot of time that would otherwise be needed for testing on the actual system. Using this model, we were able to find a few new possibilities of improving the plant operation. The project was presented and completed on a high professional level.

OKP Rogaška Slatina (2007) – professional consulting on the Rogaška Slatina wastewater treatment plant operation with assessment and suggestions for improvement



After many years of collaboration with the expert team of the Domžale-Kamnik CČN we can safely say that they are top experts in their field, always prepared to kindly help their clients whenever problems occur. We have been privileged to have been able to maintain a long-term collaboration with them.

SEGIS d.o.o. (2005, 2006) – laboratory pilot testing on effectivness of Kuraray PVA-gel carrier


The expert team of the Domžale-Kamnik CČN had gained an excellent reputation at the international level, so we were proud to start cooperating with them on a pilot testing of the PVA-gel carrier. We have presented the results of the testing at many conferences and seminars on wastewater treatment. We are very grateful for all their contribution and professionalism.