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In JP CČN works a research group named CČN Domžale ‐ Kamnik No. 3707‐001.


In cooperation with external research institutes, the CČN takes part in various research activities in the area of wastewater treatment.


Your contact at CČN:
Dr Marjetka Levstek, Bsc Biology, PhD Chemical Engineering
00386 31 347 770

Overview of large-scale research projects implemented at the CČN Domžale-Kamnik



  • Primerjalna analiza energetske učinkovitosti komunalnih čistilnih naprav, diplomska naloga na univerzitetnem študiju, Univerza v Ljubljani, FKKT, prof. dr. Andreja Žgajner Gotvajn.
  • Timsko delo: Primer upravljanja biološke čistilne naprave, magistrska naloga, Univerza v Mariboru, Fakulteta za organizacijske vede, prof. dr. Drago Vuk.
  • Anaerobna presnova biološko razgradljivih substratov, diplomska naloga, Univerza v Ljubljani, FGG, prof. dr. Violeta Bokan ‐ Bosiljkov.


  • Electrocoagulation of liquid waste / Bachelor thesis / FCET (Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology) / Prof Dr Andreja Žgajner Gotvajn
  • The effect of additives and the preliminary treatment of thickened secondary sludge on biogas production / Master thesis / BF (Biotechnical faculty) / Prof Dr Romana Marinšek Logar
  • Analysis of metals in sewage / Research assignment / FCET / Dr Elizabeta Tratar Pirc


  • Residuals of active substances and personal care products in the environment: presence, sources, cleaning and effects / Research assignment / IJS (Institute Jozef Stefan) Ljubljana / Dr Ester Šepič Heath
  • Cavitation / Project assignment / Faculty of mechanical engineering / Prof Dr Brane Širok


  • Development of new technologies for the removal of pathogens and toxins from different water sources / Research assignment / Bia Separation d.o.o. / Dr Aleš Štrancar


  • Modelling and management of treatment plants for a better quality of discharge and an energetically more efficient operation / Research assignment / IJS Ljubljana / Dr Darko Vrečko


  • Centre of Excellence – An Analysis of the structure of microorganism communities in pilot treatment plants of the CČN Domžale-Kamnik / Research assignment / University of Ljubljana / Prof Dr Ines Mandič


  • Research on the presence of active substance residuals in wastewater and surface water / Research assignment / IJS Ljubljana / Dr Ester Šepič Heath

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