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  • Minimum environmental burden at an optimum treatment price


  • Protection of groundwater and surface waters


  • Promoting knowledge, innovation, creativity and employee personal growth
  • Ensuring highly professional technological solutions while achieving best outcomes possible
  • Meeting the expectations of the owners as well as of other end-users of our services within the plant capacity limits
  • Contributing to a cleaner environment
  • Establishing communication and cooperation with partners and interested parties
  • Recognition within the expert community
  • Creating a safe work environment
  • Performing regular maintenance of work equipment
  • Sharing joy at the success of individuals and teams
  • Encouraging a leader-like approach to management and operation
  • Accepting problems and innovations as challenges


  • Business partners
  • Owners
  • Employees
  • Communities we provide services to


  • Our goal is excellence and nothing but excellence.

Environmental Policy of the CČN

Our environmental policy is our strategically important and long-term direction for environmental protection in accordance with the regulatory framework, and it is aimed at preventing impacts presenting a threat to sustainable development. We are focused on improving wastewater treatment results and standards as well as energy self-sufficiency.

Management will continue to:

  • Ensure environmenal protection in accordance with the regulatory framework;
  • Prevent impacts presenting a threat to the environment;
  • Improve the wastewater treatment process and waste treatment;
  • Improve control and supervision through monitoring and analysis to ensure high-quality parameters in the treated water;
  • Provide energy self-sufficiency;
  • Provide efficient use of water, raw materials, energy and other sources;
  • Raise awareness among employees on environmental protectionby providing continuing education and training;
  • Keep the employees and the other interested parties informed on the state and results of environment management;
  • Meet the requirements for environmental management systems as per the ISO 14001 standard.

Marjeta STRAŽAR, PhD (Biol.), General Manager, 
Date: 27th February 2018