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  • Minimum environmental burden at an optimum treatment price.


  • Protection of ground waters and surface waters


  • Promotion of knowledge, innovation, creativity and employee personal growth
  • Ensurance of high professionality in technological solutions and best outcomes
  • Meeting the expectations of owners and within the plant capacity limits also of other end-users of our services
  • Contribution to a cleaner environment
  • Care for communication and cooperation with partners and interested parties
  • Recognisability among professional public
  • Care for safe work environment
  • Regular maintenance of work equipment
  • Shared joy at the success of individuals and teams
  • Encouragement to a leadership way of management and operation
  • Problems and novelties accepted as challenges


  • Business partners
  • Owners
  • Employees
  • Our work environment


  • Our goal is excellence only.

Environmental politics of CČN

Our environmental politics is our strategically important and long term direction for environmental protection according to regulatory framework and is aimed to prevent impacts presenting a threat to sustainable development. We are focused to improving waste water treatment results and standards and energy selfsufficiancy.

Management's areas of work:

  • To ensure environmenal protection according to regulatory framework
  • To prevent impacts presenting threat to environment
  • To improve waste water treatment process and waste treatment
  • To improve control and supervision with monitoring and analysis to ensure high quality parameters in the treated water
  • To provide energy sufficiency
  • To provide efficient water usage, raw material, energy and other sources
  • To improve education of employees on environmental protection
  • To provide information to employees and public
  • To ensure claims of ISO 14001 standard.

Dr Marjeta STRAŽAR, Director, Bsc Biology, PhD Chemical Engineering
Date: February 27, 2018.